Types of Criminal Cases

Garcia & Miller, APLC have successfully advocated for clients in a wide array of areas including:

  • DUI and all other traffic violations.
  • Theft related crimes including burglary and shoplifting
  • Drug crimes (Possession and distribution)
  • Juvenile crimes and offenses
  • White collar crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Probation and parole violations
  • Federal crimes
  • Expungements

If you have been arrested and charged for any of these crimes, contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

Know your rights

Each case is different, but everyone is afforded certain rights. It is important that you know them:

Probable Cause -  The constitution protects you from illegal search and seizure. If your arresting officer can't prove they had objective reasons to suspect you committed a crime, your case can be dismissed.

Miranda Rights - You have the right not to act as a witness against yourself. This means you have the right to stay silent. If you were not read your Miranda rights by the officer, certain evidence obtained may be deemed inadmissible. 

Right to an Attorney - You have a constitutional right to legal representation. Hiring the right attorney that can properly research your case and put forth the strongest defense is essential. 

Criminal Defense

Being arrested for a crime is traumatic and can have long-term consequences if not handled correctly. Being arrested does not mean you are guilty, and having the right legal representation can result in your sentence being reduced or even dismissed. Garcia & Miller, APLC will fight for your rights and work to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

We Will Fight For You!

Lead attorneys Sandy Garcia and Kelly White have the experience, qualifications, and determination to defend you and fight for your rights. At Garcia & Miller, APLC, each client is treated with dignity and respect. Contact us today for to schedule your free consultation.

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